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Sonic Blade
Product description
Sonic Blade 7865.00 Cordless Rechargeable Knife



Sonic Blade

Product Features
Cordless rechargeable knife with powerful high-torque motor
Stainless-steel serrated blades; lightweight body; nonslip grip
Easy-to-access power switch; integrated "safety lock"
Charging block keeps knife fully charged; dishwasher-safe blades
Measures approximately 10 by 8 by 12 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Product Description
Cut through hard or soft foods without crushing or smashing using this cordless rechargeable knife. Its powerful high-torque motor moves the stainless-steel blades back and forth hundreds of times a minute for clean, even slices. Each custom-engineered blade set features over 70 serrated edges, which greatly amplify the slicing power of the knife--no need to push down on the blade or saw at food. The unit provides a bio-ergonomically engineered, ultra-lightweight body, perfectly balanced for accurate slicing, plus a padded nonslip grip for total comfort. Its conveniently placed power switch can be activated by a touch of the finger, while the integrated "safety lock" helps protect against unintentional start-up.
The knife remains fully charged and ready at all times thanks to its patented charging block. With its ultra-strong rechargeable battery, the knife can go anywhere in the kitchen and beyond--the outdoor barbeque, the patio, the dining room--even fishing and camping. Its "five-in-one" blade functions as an all-around blade for slicing meats, veggies, fish, fruit, or precision cutting, while the "micro-slicer" blade works wonders on slicing even the most delicate foods, such as breads and angel food cakes, as well as solid, dense foods like blocks of hard cheese or lunchmeat. To clean, the blades can simply be wiped with a clean damp towel after light use or they can be washed in hot, soapy water or in the dishwasher; dry all blades thoroughly before storing or next use. The handle and charging block clean up easily with a damp cloth. The electric knife measures approximately 10 by 8 by 12 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty.
Sonic Blade Cordless rechargeable Knife

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